top trending items envato june 2019

Envato Market is a great website where one can get all sorts of graphic elements, website template, or even audio tracks for all kinds of projects. Everything is worth a look on Envato, and there is something for everyone. Here is a list of the top rating items for the month of June 2019.


Just Type is a perfect item if you want to give your title a more proactive feel. It comes with a few animations that can be applied to your titles anywhere you wish. With its very high quality, it is sure to boost your site’s aesthetics.

After Effects Intro

For a good way to start a video, to make sure people will watch it, a good After Effects Intro is helpful. Neon Logo is a template perfect for short intros, slideshows, or dynamic openers. It lets you customize the duration and colors and no plugin is required.

HTML Themes

As you may know if you are familiar with our website, Envato also presents quite a bit of HTML Website Themes. One of those is the Joo Niche Multipurpose theme. This template is best suited to help you build business, corporate, creative, restaurant website and the likes. It comes with 15 niche templates.

Custom Fonts

For your website to have its own personality, personalized fonts are essential. Of course, Envato has quite an extensive list of those, but here is one of them: Hodgeson. Hodgeson is a calligraphic slab serif font made with a combination of custom and Egyptian lettering. 

Print Template

The Magazine is a template used for the layout of magazine pages. It is a nice looking magazine spread with a variety of page templates that focus on clean design and using white space as an actual design element without feeling like the page layouts are empty. It is really easy ti use and customize to your own liking.

Photoshop Action

Photoshop Actions are useful if you want to give a bunch of pictures or images the same kind of effect. It applies the said effect to every images without the need to create it manually. This month, Envato suggests Artistic Sketch if you want to give your pictures a paint brush finish. Of course, a lot more actions are available.

WordPress Themes

As you may know if you are familiar with our website, Envato also presents quite a bit of WordPress Website Themes. One of those is the MF Multipurpose WordPress Theme. With the help of this template, you can build a website for anything, be it about sports, shoes or education! It is also Woocommerce ready, so you can even build yourself an online store!

PHP Script

If you want to start an online business, Envato suggests Active eCommerce CMS. It is a powerful Laravel-based eCommerce CMS platform with everything to get you started with your eShop. It has a simplified cart system, plentiful payment gateways and much more.

Audio Tracks

For any kind of project, be it a presentation or a video, music is a must to brighten the mood and make it more interesting. For the month of June, Envato presents two Audio Tracks which are more popular than the others. We have Happy, an upbeat summer pop, and This is Epical, a cinematic track.

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