top items envato market july 2019

Envato Market is a great website where one can get all sorts of graphic elements, website template, or even audio tracks for all kinds of projects. Everything is worth a look on Envato, and there is something for everyone. Here is a list of the top rating items for the month of July 2019.

After Effects Intro

For a good way to start a video, to make sure people will watch it, a good After Effects Intro is helpful. Future Action Titles is a great title sequence that adds the futuristic look perfect for your modern or technology-based projects.

Graphic Package

Graphic Packages are a perfect way to open un a show or to use as a logo. As the right season approaches, Envato presents the Hockey Broadcast Pack, perfect for any sport related videos, but best suited for hockey.

Photoshop Actions

Photoshop Actions are useful if you want to give a bunch of pictures or images the same kind of effect. It applies the said effect to every images without the need to create it manually. This month, Envato suggests Fuzzy Collage Photoshop Action. The action creates unique variations every time you run it.

WordPress Themes

As you may know if you are familiar with our website, Envato also presents quite a bit of WordPress Website Themes. One of those is the Metamax theme. The theme is focused on SEO optimisation to make sure you get the best results online. 

WooCommerce Theme

As you may know if you are familiar with our website, Envato also presents quite a bit of WooCommerce Website Themes. One of those is the Miuzin theme. This is the perfect theme for any Kid related business, such as kid’s clothings or back to school. 


Plugins are among the many tools Envato Market presents. For this month’s top plugin, we have a speaker plugin. Speaker is a plugin made to read ont loud what is written on your website.This feature is great thing to have if you wish to improve your accessibility.


Among the everything Envato presents, tools are among the best. Taskly is a project management tool best designed to help teams streamline their tasks and projects.

Audio Tracks

For any kind of project, be it a presentation or a video, music is a must to brighten the mood and make it more interesting. For the month of July, Envato presents three Audio Tracks which are more popular than the others. We have Energetic Sport Rock and The Trap, a hip-hop track.

Staff Pick

Every month, Envato makes their staff pick their prefered items from the website and to make a list. You can view the complete list here!

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